Cancer catch up.


I just posted this on someone’s instagram, but wanted to document it on my own: I’m a 29 year old wife and mother of three who just had a mastectomy and am about to start chemo. My daughter guessed my age to be 36 and my first thought was something like, “what?! I am way younger than that!” But my next thought was, “goodness, I hope I make it to 36.” I never want to forget my age. Each year, I am going to celebrate how incredible and fabulous I am. ;) I really truly hope to live my life, and get…..OLD!!! :)


Over share post…


Over share post. So don’t read any further if surgery and breast cancer stuff bothers you. I’m just going to give you short quick one liner updates…because I am tired. Had a mastectomy and began reconstruction during the same surgery with “skin expanders.” Because I was “well endowed” they were able to fill the expanders quite a bit. I’m like a size B guys! This has made it less emotionally difficult. I had drains for the last two weeks and they came out today! I hardly felt one side, but the other side was so painful, I wanted to swear so badly but I didn’t! I totally cried after though. I still can’t shower myself, do my hair, raise my arms up, or lift anything for two more weeks. I start physical therapy next week. We go to Boston this weekend. I have my first chemo class next week. Get my port in sometime next week or the week after (that is a procedure they do at the hospital and I will be out for that), and then chemo starts on the 9th of June. I’ll be bald a couple of weeks after that. Those are the updates, mostly I was excited about my inflated pectorals. ;) thanks for the love, support, cards, gifts, books, movies, etc…. You have all made this lame cancer experience a little less lame. Thank you, and I love you all so much. :)

Cancer catch up continues…


Today, I felt a huge divide between me and all of you non cancerous folks. :) I saw pictures of families at Disneyland, people exercising, peers performing, friends, who at the moment, seemed to have perfect lives…it was painful today. After this battle, I hope to truly be present, and not take for granted all of the beauty around me, and to relish those adventures, and those moments. I hope all of you have a wonderful day tomorrow. Do something you’ll love and remember. I’m still on major pain meds so…..if none of this makes sense, know that I love you and am grateful for all of you! #ineedtoceupwithanawesomebreastcancerhashtag

Pathology results

After surgery we discovered it is a lot more advanced than they anticipated. Stage 3. There was a tumor that didn’t show up on any of the tests, and nine of the thirty one lymph nodes had tumor. I’ll be starting aggressive chemo in a couple of weeks. We are also heading to a cancer institute in Boston for a second opinion. Love all of you and thank you for your support.

Insta post from a few weeks ago


I’m not allowed to push, pull, lift, carry, or raise my arms above my head. Funny thing is, I couldn’t do any of those things even if I wanted to. My doctors told me to be a “princess” for 3 weeks. It has been difficult, but I am so lucky to have the best husband in the whole world. My nurses were shocked when they saw my husband come in with a green smoothie, raw sweet porridge, raw cookies, and homemade whole wheat bread. Yup, he seriously left the hospital to make all of that food for me. Freshly made whole wheat bread, guys. I had no appetite for the hospital food, but I kept trying. And last night, he bathed me in the shower. He washed my hair, got me all nice and clean, dressed me , and then spent about 10 minutes combing my hair out. You might be thinking he is doing all of this because Britt has cancer, but he is always this sweet and generous. I love this man. He is such a good example to me. Thank you @Carlbandersen and @sharitilt for raising such an amazing person. :)

More catching up…breast cancer….bilateral mastectomy.


The last three weeks have been the longest of my life . I’ve had countless doctor appointments and tons of tests done as well. We met with a sureon, a medical oncologist, a geneticist, and my o.b. I’ve had X-rays, an MRI, and a PetCT scan. Oh, and lots and lots of blood work done. I’ve also spoke. With Breast Cancer survivors and done some research in my own as well. Anyway, with all the info. I gathered, we decided to do a bilateral mastectomy. Yup, my “girls” are gone, an I am sure going to miss them. I have always loved my curves an I especially loved nursing my sweet babies. But we decided this was the best move considering my age and my family history. Yesterday morning, I had the surgery and they also took out some lymph nodes under my right arm an are running tests on them and my tumor. This is without a doubt the most painful thing my body has gone through. Breathing is so painful, moving my arm just slightly is excruciating. Big I’m glad the process has begun so I can kick this cancer in the behind. Thank you all for the messages, prayers, hugs, phone calls, meals,and cancer goody packages I have received. I am so so very grateful to all of you. Love you guys! Hope you have a great day today. #breastcancer #thislittleposthasnearlykilledme #iamgoingtotryandsleepagain

Catching up…an Instagram post from about 6 weeks ago.


I sobbed last night. I sobbed as quietly as I could, but my body shook the bed and woke my husband up. He wrapped his arms and legs around me, held me, and brushed my hair with his fingers. It is so much easier to be brave during the day than it is during the night. A couple of days ago, I received a phone call from nurse Dianne (who I now consider to be a great friend) informing me that I have breast cancer. Yup. Part of me still thinks I might be in denial because I still can’t believe it. Anyway, I love you all, thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and encouragement. I’ve met with a doctor who is absolutely fabulous and will be doing more testing in the next week. I’ll keep you posted. P.s. My cute husband gave me some awesome cookbooks for my birthday. I’m going to be heading in the raw vegan direction but not completely. I’ll be juicing more as well. Wish me luck.