More catching up…breast cancer….bilateral mastectomy.


The last three weeks have been the longest of my life . I’ve had countless doctor appointments and tons of tests done as well. We met with a sureon, a medical oncologist, a geneticist, and my o.b. I’ve had X-rays, an MRI, and a PetCT scan. Oh, and lots and lots of blood work done. I’ve also spoke. With Breast Cancer survivors and done some research in my own as well. Anyway, with all the info. I gathered, we decided to do a bilateral mastectomy. Yup, my “girls” are gone, an I am sure going to miss them. I have always loved my curves an I especially loved nursing my sweet babies. But we decided this was the best move considering my age and my family history. Yesterday morning, I had the surgery and they also took out some lymph nodes under my right arm an are running tests on them and my tumor. This is without a doubt the most painful thing my body has gone through. Breathing is so painful, moving my arm just slightly is excruciating. Big I’m glad the process has begun so I can kick this cancer in the behind. Thank you all for the messages, prayers, hugs, phone calls, meals,and cancer goody packages I have received. I am so so very grateful to all of you. Love you guys! Hope you have a great day today. #breastcancer #thislittleposthasnearlykilledme #iamgoingtotryandsleepagain