Insta post from a few weeks ago


I’m not allowed to push, pull, lift, carry, or raise my arms above my head. Funny thing is, I couldn’t do any of those things even if I wanted to. My doctors told me to be a “princess” for 3 weeks. It has been difficult, but I am so lucky to have the best husband in the whole world. My nurses were shocked when they saw my husband come in with a green smoothie, raw sweet porridge, raw cookies, and homemade whole wheat bread. Yup, he seriously left the hospital to make all of that food for me. Freshly made whole wheat bread, guys. I had no appetite for the hospital food, but I kept trying. And last night, he bathed me in the shower. He washed my hair, got me all nice and clean, dressed me , and then spent about 10 minutes combing my hair out. You might be thinking he is doing all of this because Britt has cancer, but he is always this sweet and generous. I love this man. He is such a good example to me. Thank you @Carlbandersen and @sharitilt for raising such an amazing person. :)