Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning

Christmas Ornaments

L and her Candy on Christmas Morning

Presents Under the Tree

Christmas Morning

E and her Stocking on Christmas Morning

A gift from Santa and Paper Decor

I’m actually pretty surprised that I mustered up the energy to take pictures and video (coming soon…maybe) on Christmas morning after getting 2 hours of sleep and being massively pregnant. I obviously didn’t shoot much, but I’m so glad that I at least took a few pictures. We had a wonderful Christmas with our little family. L was very excited about the candy, and if you are confused about what E is holding in the picture above, you should know that it is a measuring tape…and yes, she did ask Santa to bring one to her.

Our Christmas tree is still up, I’m too tired to even think about taking it down, and frankly, it makes me happy. We still light it up some nights and it helps make the room feel nice and cozy.

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and New Years. More to come… depending on when this baby boy decides to come.