Myrtle Beach

My mom and sister came to visit at the right time…this was probably the last good beach weather week. It’s a bit colder here now, at least it’s too cold to jump into the ocean.  The little girls loved being in the water, especially with Nana. I loved seeing how much my mom loved the ocean too. She hardly got out of the water, enjoying the waves rolling and crashing towards her. My sister, Aly, had a difficult time adjusting to the temperature; she’s from Arizona and is used to extreme heat, but she soon joined in the water fun too! E almost always had her bucket on her, as usual. Of all the people in our family, E will miss the ocean the most, or maybe it’ll be me…

P.s. That baby bump of mine is a 21 -22 week belly. Yeah, my halfway through this pregnancy belly. Oy.

Photos by both my sister and me.