The Sprinkler

The sun was blazing and the temperature climbed quite high today, so we decided to find a cool spot. This “Sprinkler” as they call it is located in the same park that has the “Do NOT feed the Alligators” signs all over the place. It’s a great park, it has long paved paths, nature paths, fields, the Sprinkler, a waterpark, food stands, and….alligators. Snakes too, actually. I just can’t get over it.

Before we left, I kept thinking about bringing our beach buckets, but decided not too. HUGE MISTAKE. E was so upset for the first half hour because she didn’t have a bucket. She kept following kids who had buckets around, asking if she could share. No one would. I then ate the snacks I brought as quickly as I could and let her play with the little bowl they were in. Soon, the kids were following her around and taking it from her! Despite the bucket and bowl drama, we had some fun, and kept cool. It was really busy, so I think we’ll try it one more time, just earlier in the day, when I can keep track of them more easily.

I was proud of L, she ventured out quite often, which is a big deal for her!