A Day at the Beach.

For one of the last Saturdays that we would have Brandon all to ourselves, we decided to soak up the sun’s rays and wade in the salty Atlantic waters. We hit up Target for some beach essentials; buckets, shovels (one of which broke while Daddy was playing with it), a large colorful Umbrella, water, and a couple of snacks. What was supposed to be a pretty quick drive, ended up taking us about an hour and a half. Everyone else in Charleston must have had the same idea we had that day…

The cars were all parked along the road, right next to the beautiful beach houses that lined the streets. Finding a parking spot was a bit of an adventure, but we managed to park under a low hanging palm tree (did you know that a palm tree is actually a bush?) whose leaves (leaves?) smashed up against our car. We walked to a public access point that allowed us to get onto the beach. As we crossed the old wooden bridge, we got our first glimpse of the big blue ocean. It was gorgeous. And sandy…really sandy.

Within a few minutes, the girls were covered from head to toe in fine wet sand. The type of sand that you know will be putting up a fight in the shower while trying to get it out of your hair.

After about 30 minutes, I gave up trying to keep sand off of everything. I had lost and I just had to come to terms with it.

We sat on beach chairs and watched the girls play, filling their buckets up with sand and then scooping or dumping it back out.  There were birds all over that flew close to us. L loved those birds. Whenever she saw one, she would jump up and chase it until I called her back.

As much as the girls loved the sand and chasing the birds, they loved playing in the water even more. We took them into the ocean multiple times and enjoyed hearing them squeal and giggle with delight. E’s favorite thing was to turn around and let the wave hit her from behind as she jumped. She called that move, “Ariel.”

In between playing in the sand and water, we ate small purple grapes, chunks of yellow pineapple, and animal crackers. Daddy and the girls devoured the pineapple. I preferred the ice water.

After hours out in the sun, we decided to head home. We were sad to leave, but knew we would have all summer to enjoy the beach.

Charleston, it’s only been a couple of weeks, but we love you so much already!

© Brittany Andersen